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made with love.

Created by the designer, Fernanda Massoni, the brand explores the natural beauty of the land and the sea, manually transformed into unique pieces.

We choose all the details of your jewelry. Each crystal, shell or pearl is carefully selected. We are obssesed about our raw materials and that's motivated us to create. 

So here, when you receive a piece made with crystal, it is really a stone produced by the earth. When you order a piece of pearl, they really comes from seas. With all the beauty and energy that nature bring to us, each piece have their own shape and identity, so it is impossible to see two completely identical. That's what makes them more special!

Our collections are also mixed with timeless and sophisticated metal classics, such as silver and gold plating.

Graduated in Fashion Design from Faculdade Senac in São Paulo, Fernanda, improved her taste and look at accessories after studying Luxury Goods Management in Milan.

On her return to Brazil, she studied jewelery at the Arte e Oficio school where he started the brand: Massoni.

From now, we maintain our productions based in SP and Miami, also exploring the international market.


We ship worldwide. 


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